I am only one thread among many, which must be woven into the fabric of life! Very well, if I can not spin, I can at least cut the thread.

Søren Kierkegaard (1843), Either/Or

Lab in the Time of Corona

So we Zoom on. Science. Life. Sobering discussion of recent events.

Many years later, as the earliest lab members bid each other farewell, they are to remember that distant summer when they work at the bench while social distancing, in a lab fully operational for a mere couple of days.

We Zoom into Being

There is a meeting on the cloud

Alex hacks protein in the north

Eerik prepares for quarter fourth

All in our meeting on the cloud

Update 4/2: Now Prima joins us for a rotation too. That’s why we shouldn’t have lyricized the post…

Hello World: Join Us!

The Gao Lab is set to start at Stanford on April 1, 2020. We are growing the lab, one member at a time, so as to engineer mammalian biology, one module at a time.

Prospective students: please apply through Stanford’s Chemical Engineering PhD program. If you are already at Stanford (not necessarily in ChemE), please contact Xiaojing (xjgao at stanford dot edu) to chat about rotation projects.

Prospective postdocs: please email Xiaojing (xjgao at stanford dot edu) directly. Please write briefly about your research interest, attach a CV, and list three references.